What is Magento and what are its benefits

What is Magento and what are its benefits
  1. Magento is an Open Source CMS – content management system software application.
  2. Magento like other Open Source CMS is benefitting being cost free.
  3. Magento is again cost effective than other third party service provider.
  4. Magento is easily procured and installed.
  5. Magento is better at order management and processing.
  6. It is very much a better software by providing control of website to the owner or site admin.
  7. It is also better by including hosting features and plugin capability.
  8. It can combine numerous features in dynamic functionality.
  9. It is easily integrated with other platforms.
  10. It is easily a versatile and flexible software application.
  11. It is usually credible and accurate in updations.
  12. It can also support multi site functions and adaptability.
  13. It can be possible to support HTML and XHTML plugins.
  14. It is Cross Browser Compatible.
  15. It is a supported platform with numerous features.
  16. It is user friendly.
  17. It has many widget and add-ons built into it.
  18. It is a quality and best software for building websites and blogs.
  19. It is thorough and secure application.
  20. Magento is continuously updating.

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