Ecommerce: Top 5 Billing & Invoicing Magento Extensions

Top 5 Magento Extensions

For online merchants, billing and invoicing their customers is a tough task. Though in the beginning, anyone can manage it easily, but once the estore gets popular, and people start ordering in bulk, things change drastically, and can prove to be a headache if not given the due importance and maintained within a specific time period. Additionally, your billing and invoicing service should be prompt and each & every bill that you send to your customers must carry all the required information on it.

As we understand how difficult it can be at times, we have come up with a list of top 5 billing & invoicing Magento extensions, which you can use on your Magento based ecommerce site, and send good & professional looking bills to your customers.

Easy PDF Invoice

Easy PDF Invoice - Magento Module

Easy PDF Invoice is one of the most popular billing & invoicing Magento Extensions. It has a popularity score of 3174, which is well above other Magento extensions score in the same league. With this extension, you can easily generate invoices in a PDF format, and to make your invoices look more compelling, you can modify their layouts at your will by adding customized HTML and CSS.

Moreover, you can also add Barcode and QR Code to your invoices. In addition to this, to present all the required information in the invoice, you can add customer and product attributes, thumbnail image of the ordered products inside the PDF. Easy PDF Invoice also supports multiple currency and languages. This exciting and innovative extension is available for Free, so you can try it right now.

Moogento PickPack

Moogento PickPack - Magento Module

If you have Moogento PickPack installed at your online store, then there’s nothing more that you need for billing and invoicing. No matter if you process 100, 500 or even 1000+ orders in a day, Moogento PickPack can handle it all on its own. It can create different types of Pick Lists, Packing Sheets, and Invoices in PDF as well as CSV format. This awesome Magento extension also works with the Community Edition as well as the Enterprise Edition. In terms of popularity it has managed to score 1456 points, and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Currently this extension is being offered at a price of $89.00 which many people believes to be very low and competitive for such a magnificent Magento extension.

Invoice PDF Generator

Invoice PDF Generator - Magento Module

Are you looking for a free billing & invoicing solution for your Magento based online store? If you are, then your search will definitely ends at Invoice PDF Generator, which is a great Magento Extension that will solve all your billing needs. With this extension at place, you can easily customize your PDF invoices according to your preferences. For example; you can make a variety of templates for different stores, add a header or footer inside it, and customize the invoice’s css code to make it more appealing, change the page orientation, etc.

Invoice PDF Generator also supports Barcode & QR Code. Additionally, you can also add ‘Print PDF’ in the users’ account, which will let them export it within no time. Considering its features, people have rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

WebShopApps Invoicing

WebShopApps Invoicing - Magento Module

Oh! Your existing invoices don’t look professional? Do people really complain about them a lot? If yes, then you must try WebShopApps Invoicing, a Magento Extension that takes care of all billing & invoicing needs. With this extension installed at your eShop, you can generate professional looking invoices, packing slips, and credit memos in seconds. You can customize the header and footer, add or change your company logo at the top left, top right or center of the page.

Moreover, you can also add postage paid impressions to your shipping labels, flash a custom gift message on the invoice or the shipment. If you want this extension, you just need to spend $80 out of your pocket, and this could be yours in no time, and you can start integrating it in your eShop.

Mass Order Actions

Mass Order Actions - Magento Module

Are you fed up with your existing billing and invoicing software? Or want to try out some out of the box solution to manage bulk orders? If yes, then you should give Mass Order Actions a try, and trust us, it won’t disappoint you. In fact, if you’ll use it for your online store, you will end up saving a lot of time, which you can utilize for promoting your store, as with this Magento Extension in place, you’ll not need to browse through the order page every time to process the orders because it offers you to generate invoice and ship orders via an order grid, with which you can also change the order status, add tracking numbers and update the payment details.

Additionally, with Mass Order Actions, you can process multiple orders in one go, for which all you need to do is to select and apply the necessary actions on the required orders using the grid.

We hope this list would prove to be a great source for you and the listed extensions will be able to solve all your billing & invoicing related problems. You can express your views or share your feedback via the comment section given below.

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