Top 5 Free and premium Responsive Magento Themes to Boost Your Sales

Top 5 Responsive Magento Themes

In this technology driven world, everything is going mobile. Why should your eCommerce website be left behind? The future is all about mobility. Mobile phones and tablets have changed the way we search and shop things online but the latest studies reveal that more than 79% of top advertisers do not have a responsive website. Responsive Magento themes can create websites that have the ability to adapt beautifully to any screen size or resolution. Continue reading →

Ecommerce: Top 5 Billing & Invoicing Magento Extensions

Top 5 Magento Extensions

For online merchants, billing and invoicing their customers is a tough task. Though in the beginning, anyone can manage it easily, but once the estore gets popular, and people start ordering in bulk, things change drastically, and can prove to be a headache if not given the due importance and maintained within a specific time period. Additionally, your billing and invoicing service should be prompt and each & every bill that you send to your customers must carry all the required information on it. Continue reading →

Top 5 SEO Tips for eCommerce Websites

eCommerce seo tips

In a recent SXSW conference held in the month of March 2013, Matt Cutts, the head of Google Web Spam team, clearly stated that very soon Google would be rolling out the Penguin update. He also said that the upcoming algorithm update would target the ecommerce websites. So it would be better if you prepare your ecommerce website to survive the upcoming tornado from the Google. And to make your website able to stand firm and maintain its rank on search engine even after the release of an upcoming algorithm update, here we present you with top 5 SEO tips for ecommerce websites. Continue reading →

Magento vs. PrestaShop: Most popular e-commerce platform on twitter


If you are thinking that Magento is the supreme king when it comes to E-commerce platforms, you would have to think again. Magento, being a highly versatile and robust e-commerce content management system, is a choice of CMS for many online store owners and e-commerce web-developers. However it is not the only complete CMS out there and there are many other options available that are direct completion to Magento. PrestaShop is one such CMS and currently is the closest competitor of Magento. PrestaShop is currently powering more than 130,000 shops where as Magento is leading with a little more than 150,000 shops. However the battle is not limited this turf. The same level of competition is visible in twitter accounts and popularity of the two CMS. Continue reading →

Why Magento Is The Best CMS For eCommerce Stores?

Magento online store

Magento is an open source CMS which is very popular for its e-commerce features. It is a CMS that delivers on efficiency, cost and features for e-business is immensely favored. From among the available CMSs for online e-business, Magento is rated and highly favored for many reasons. In this article, we discuss the advantages of the Magento CMS for an online store. Continue reading →